We offer a comprehensive range of lift trucks and warehouse handling equipment, from pallet jacks to reach stackers lifting up to 52 tons. Our ability to match performance to the operating requirements of our customers ensures they will always have the right lift truck for their operation, delivering a low cost of ownership across the spectrum.

Class 1
  • Electric counterbalanced trucks used in warehousing and manufacturing operations where noise or fuel emissions are undesirable
  • A distribution centre customer uses a Class I truck to move pallets from one trailer to another.
Class 2
  • Electric narrow aisle trucks used indoors to handle high-density storage of materials in narrow-aisled buildings.
  • Retail and warehouse customers rely on Class II trucks to pick up orders off their shelves.
Class 3
  • Electric hand trucks used indoors and outdoors for applications requiring the user to select and transport materials.
  • Retail customers use Class III trucks to move pallets of goods to their store aisles.
Class 4
  • Internal combustion engine counterbalanced trucks with cushion tires used indoors in warehousing and manufacturing operations and outdoors on smooth surfaces. Utility, standard and premium models for different customer applications.
  • A customer relies on Class VI trucks to move heavy parts on a pallet from the machine area in a factory to assembly.
Class 5
  • Internal combustion engine counterbalanced trucks with pneumatic tires used indoors and outdoors in manufacturing operations. Utility, standard and premium models to address different customer applications.
  • A warehouse or manufacturer relies on Class V trucks to move coils of steel from the mill to a storage area.


Tough trucks for tough jobs

Hyster materials handling equipment lifts productivity and uptime in the most challenging local conditions. The Hyster range offers solutions for the handling of all types of palletised or non-palletised loads, from the largest container handlers and reach stackers, to nearly every type and size of forklift truck, to warehousing equipment. We also offer comprehensive customer focused backup and support solutions.

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Evolving with you for tomorrow’s warehouse

Following BHBW’s appointment as dual Hyster and Yale dealer in South Africa, we now offer the full line of Yale counterbalance forklift trucks and warehouse materials handling equipment in South African. The range includes warehouse equipment ranging from small pallet trucks to very narrow aisle turret trucks, working up to 18.3 m high, electric, diesel, LP-gas and dual-fuel powered and internal combustion engine counterbalance lift trucks, with lifting capacities up to 16 tonnes, and customer-specific solutions.

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Getting things moving since 1988

Motrec International Inc. has built a rock-solid reputation as a world-class designer and manufacturer of electric industrial vehicles for the horizontal transportation of goods and people.

Known for their exceptional quality, reliability and sustainability, these advanced electric utility vehicles are engineered to enhance operational efficiencies, reduce environmental impact and improve overall productivity. The range includes tow tractors, burden and people carriers, and stock chasers.

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tow tractors
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